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The above websites are all examples that will help you tap into a new market quickly or will help you excel in your current market. If you sell 1 job a month off this website it will pay for itself 10 times over in the first year.

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Sample Website

Sample Granite Results website This is a sample website

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Page #1 phoenix Results yahoo
Page #1 Austin Results yahoo
Page #1 atlanta Results yahoo
Page #1 AZ Results yahoo
Page #1 MS Results yahoo
Page #1 new-hampshire Results yahoo
Page #1 orange-county Results yahoo
Page #1 LongIsland Results yahoo
Page #1 orlando Results yahoo
Page #1 sacramento CA Results yahoo
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Page #1 Tampa Results Yahoo
Page #1 Tampa Results Google

Why should you have another website with us?
This website is fully managed by our staff. This website is designed to provide the customer with tools to increase your chance for the sale. This website has all of our powerful conversion tools. After your 6 month subscription if this website is not on the first page of search results for the geo targeted search term then you don't pay again until it does.

Why is your website better?
We have been marketing granite countertops exclusivly for the past 5 years. We know what the consumer wants and we can help you turn the websearcher into a customer for you. I will tell you another secret, Its not all about the first page. The first page is important to drive traffic to the website but our job does not end there. We will show you how the power of promotion tips the scales in your direction and our ability to position you for success in your specific market.

Why 6 months?
Indexing a new website with the big 3 is not instantanious. Our websites do index quicker than most because we know where and how to notify them that we are open for business.

How does the guarantee work?
If after the first 6 months if we have not reached the first page for your location.we will suspend your paypal subscription until we reach the first page. We target a "location" plus the keywords "granite countertops" like "granite countertops Tampa". The big 3 search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you notice that the website and any time is not longer on the first page of one of the big 3 we will suspend the subscription and focus our attention on regaining placement. Search engines are updating all the time and looking for new identifiers of quality to keep their listings fresh and accurate. Let us keep you up on the first page.


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* Guarantee is based on placement in the search engines for location targeted keywords. After the first 6 months subscription if this website that we host and manage is not on the first page of google for the target keyword combination you will not pay another payment until it does. The big 3 search engines are Goolge Yahoo and Bing. Once this website reaches the first page in any one of the 3 search engines for 5 consecutive days your payments will be reinstated. Payments will stop being process once you the customer or we notice if you are not represented on the first page for target keyword combinations defined in your correspondence with us. Payments will be setup on automatic monthly subscription via paypal. If payments laps more than 5 days from date due the website will be dropped and inturn current rankins will also be dropped by the search engines. To reistate you then will be subject to the initial 6 month time frame to regain rankings before the guaranteed 1 page begins again. If payment is not received in 15 days the domain will be released for use by another party.